Serhiy Malyk International Charitable Foundation “Free Spirit of Ukraine” is assisting children’s orphanages on ongoing basis. Now, facilities that care for children deprived from parental care are in extreme need of funding and food. 

Assistance to “Antoshka” Orphanage

Antoshka Orphanage in Kramatorsk has been a safe place for children deprived of parental care, as well as children with central nervous system disorders, special needs, HIV/AIDS.  Over the years, 4000 children have been assisted and cared for by Antoshka’s loving family. 

Kids and teenagers living at Antoshka Orphanage are very courageous. Not only they are fighting with severe diseases, but also, they have experienced “russian world” and occupation. In 2014 they were held hostage by russian aggressor, and this year they are facing a difficult situation again – the war came into their lives once more. Due to the russian invasion the orphanage with 75 children, 17 of which are special needs, was evacuated to the Western part of Ukraine.

It is to be noted that Founder of Free Spirit of Ukraine Fund Serhiy Malyk started working with Antoshka Orphanage long before russian invasion in Ukraine. Before 2014, Serhiy by his own initiative provided humanitarian aid to the kids. After the occupation on the East, he reinforced the assistance and today Antoshka is one of the main priorities of the Foundation. Even in time of peace, in addition to basic individual care products special needs children need medical care and treatment. When public recourses are scarce and volunteers are focused on country’s defense issues, orphanages face even more severe financial challenges that lead to deficits in coverage of even basic needs. 

Our charitable foundation aims to create funding reserves for ongoing assistance to Antoshka Orphanage. We will provide all the reports about spendings. Any help is much appreciated.

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