Powerful, highly mobile and resilient to adverse conditions and landmine impact vehicles are needed in the front lines for moving in active combat zones. Having participated in international rallies such as Dakar and Bonneville our specialists have proven experience in high quality vehicle maintenance.

Since the beginning of full-scale invasion, we have been actively applying our expertise to improve and repair military vehicles taking into account respective recommendations and preferences.

In addition, Free Spirit of Ukraine Foundation covers technical needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in terms of fuel and lubricant materials, large and small automobile parts, e.g., engines, spare parts, tires, etc.

Today, we are ready to provide quality maintenance, however your financial support is vital.

Fuel Fundraising

It is known that a human cannot live without water for over 4 days. How long do you think the military is able to live without fuel? We support our military with fuel on continuous basis. Moreover, we use fuel to ship vehicles to our Armed Forces from all over the world. Together we can do even more. 

Goal: 100 000 liters of Diesel.

Cost of 1 liter of Diesel is 55 UAH (as of December 6, 2022)

Required funds: 5 500 000 UAH

Have been raised

Repair Shop Fundraising

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Serhiy Malyk’s Free Spirit of Ukraine Charitable Foundation have been working 24/7. We are in constant need of spare parts to restore damaged equipment and repair newly arrived vehicles for the Armed Forces.

Generators Fundraising

Significant boom on generator market was seen only in October 2022, however, they were in high demand in the frontlines at all times. It is difficult to work and survive without electricity even in the rear, and on the frontline it it’s a critical prerequisite of success. Generators ensure stable operations of military equipment and radio communication, they enable operations of hospitals that save injured, as well as cover domestic needs of battalions and units.

We intend to purchase 100 generators for Ukrainian Army, and time in this case of an essence, because even international manufacturers were not prepared for such a high demand for generators. 

Minimum capacity – above 5 kWe.

Average cost (as of December 6, 2022) – from 50 000 UAH.

We need to raise – 5 000 000 UAH.

Have been raised

Dedicated fundraising by theSpecial Purpose Regiment “SAFARI” of the National Police of Ukraine

We are in ongoing contact with military units – men and women who are Serhiy Malyk’s, who is the Founder of Free Spirit of Ukraine Foundation, close friends since the time when he fought in ATO in 2014. This military unit requested:

  • Electric generators
  • Portable power stations
  • 4200 kVt gas heaters

Let’s help our defenders to effectively fight for Ukraine’s victory together.

Total fundraising amount – 300 000 UAH.

Have been raised